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PROGRAM:   The centerpiece of the Faith Lutheran Church building program is a new 600-seat sanctuary for worship.   The goal is not only to design and carefully place, within the existing property, a new sanctuary, but also to present a Master Plan for Faith Lutheran Church and School that unifies the Church and School both physically and spiritually.   Objectives toward this goal include creating a front entrance to Faith Lutheran Church and School that addresses and engages the community and provides a realistic and economical plan that makes the highest and best use of the existing infrastructure and existing buildings.   Finally, it is very important to the Faith Lutheran Building Committee that the new sanctuary look like a traditional church with traditional church architectural  elements.  The design of the new sanctuary should evoke the Christ-centered foundations of Faith Lutheran Church and School.

SITE CONDITIONS:  There is currently no strong definition of the existing sanctuary.  Its mass is overpowered by the site and the existing school structures as seen from East Park Boulevard.  There is no apparent Master Plan for the growth and development of future structures on the site.  Many people driving along Park Boulevard might not know that there is a Church on the site.  The school is the dominant image because of the playing fields and the larger school structures.  Moreover, there is a weak architectural relationship between the existing sanctuary building and the school - the architecture of the structures do not complement each other.   This disjunction between the sanctuary and the school is further emphasized by the lack of a front entrance on to Park Boulevard.  The front yard of the property opens to Park Boulevard.  Church members will recall that the existing sanctuary used to front Park Boulevard.  The entrance was reversed with subsequent renovations, thus adding to the confusion of what the Church is communicating to the community.  The current front door is actually a side entrance.

EXISTING SANCTUARY:  The existing sanctuary was never envisioned or designed to be the final place of worship.  Church planning has always envisioned a new Sanctuary - even though there were never any finalized plans for where it should be placed or what it would look like.   The shortcomings of the existing sanctuary further define the need for construction of a new sanctuary.  Click here to review problems with the existing sanctuary.

MARTIN LUTHER:  The design approach for the new sanctuary is grounded in the teachings and writings of Martin Luther (1483-1546).  Martin Luther did restore the Biblical truth of the "Priesthood of all Believers" (1 Peter 2:9; Revelation 1:5,6).  Martin Luther's emphasis on the Word and Sacraments resulted in new sanctuary configurations that brought the people closer to the priest/pastor, making the people participants in the service instead of being detached physically and psychologically.  The proposed new sanctuary design emphasizes the priesthood of all believers gathered together around the Word and Sacrament - a very Lutheran concept.  Luther said that people who are not continually engaged in the Word of God, they, or that institution must necessarily become corrupt.  Luther's message is summarized in his "Four Solas."  The sola gratia, or grace alone, replaces man's working, earning, deserving impulse with God's grace toward our salvation.  Sola fide, or faith alone,  charges the believer to trust in the mercy of God.  Sola Christus, or Christ alone, and sola  scriptura,  or scripture alone,  liberates the believer to focus exclusively on the Cross and the Gospel - in contrast to counsel with the Pope.  All of this centers us on God.  This concept of centering moves us to the larger mission of the Church's role in the community.  The Church should be the symbolic center of the community.

MASTER  PLAN:  So what does all this mean for Faith Lutheran Church and School?  This new sanctuary will be constructed in the center of the campus to give witness that the church is the spiritual center of the Congregation's lives.  From this point Faith Lutheran will have the greatest opportunity for ministering to the Congregation,  the School,  the Community - symbolized by the visual connection between Azalea Street on  the west and Katy Court on the east.  The octagon shape of the new sanctuary acknowledges the urban configuration by addressing the four centerlines of the site and the four corners.   The eight sided design also symbolizes Christ's resurrection on "the eighth day," the New Testament or the birth of His church on earth, and our rebirth in baptism (the eight sides of the traditional baptismal font being one example of this symbolism).


Please click on the sanctuary in the center of the new campus plan.


The new entrance from P Avenue centers on Azalea Street.


New campus view from the corner of Park Boulevard and P Avenue.

Please click on the plans below for schematic layouts of the new sanctuary and school.

First  Floor Plan

Second Floor  Plan



Updated November 21, 2002


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